Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spring onions or Scallions?

As mentioned on the grapevine, to get great spring onions I sow a pinch of seed in modules and keep frost free till the roots fill the cell. The clumps are then planted about 4" apart with individual onions being pulled as they reach a useable size.
Another sowing in April and again in July will see you right through the year.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Snow, ice and daffodils.

With sub zero temperatures for the past week or two and lots of snow falling in the last week, almost the whole country came to a standstill. In Leicester we had 4-5 " of snow which somehow shut every school in the county. I ventured to the allotments today to get veg for the weekend and found the place as pretty as a picture. The leeks are holding well with no rust this year.

With it being so cold I presumed pulling root crops would require a fork, however the sweded came up a dream, the snow has acted like a blanket, keeping the soil frost free.

And amongst all of the snow, a daffodil decided spring is on its way.

One good thing about snow, it hides the weeds.