Sunday, November 21, 2010

This time I mean It

The time has come to really make an effort for next year on the plots and that means lots of sorting out this winter.

I have made a good start and the compost bins are already filling up with weeds.

As pictured below I finally got some spring cabbage plants into the ground and netted over

A whole bed of marfona potatoes were neglected during the growing season, and in a raised bed they need good watering to get any size. I was amazed when turning over a bed to find lots of in effect "new potatoes", unmarked by slugs and in good order. A pan of these will be served up with my Sunday Lunch

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The new salad bar at home

Its all very well growing wonderful salads on the allotment, but for those impromptu last minute salads or leaves, a trip to it to get them is the last thing you want. With this in mind I built a pair of salad bars on our veranda handrail

They are watered via a leaky hose and water computer and are already planted up with rocket, flame, devils tongue, australian green, little gem, salad bowl and mesclun leaves, a row of radish "easter egg" has also gone in. Along the back, with the idea of them trailing over, a dozen strawberry "Elsanta" have also been planted.
They are lined with plastic and will be stained green to enhance their look but as they are they are cracking. From now on, fresh salad leaves and herbs are just one step outside the kitchen door.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back into the saddle

Its been well over a since since my last post, work, a gammy knee and house renovations have all conspired to keep me away from my allotments.

Below, my hative de niort shallots are growing on well and will be planted on the plots once a bed for them is cleared. They were potted up in February as a few had started to sprout. They are an excellent shallot and a good variety if you like showing.

These three pictures are in reverse order. In essence, I sow a pot of sweet basil and once it has sprouted well, pull out clumps of 4-6 seedlings and pot them up as a clump. The clumps when well established and after any danger of frosts go into my tunnels, planted between my tomato plants. Some will remain at home in the salad and herb bar for easy pickings.

With Kazzi returning from New Zealand this week, a few sweet pea seeds from her brother Nigel's garden have been sowed. They are pretty much straight out the pod as it's early autumn there. Lets see what comes up!